Newspaper Articles

New revelations in attack on American spy ship Chicago Tribune by John Crewdson
The USS Liberty and the McCain Presidential Bid by Bryant Jordan
Doubts remain about 1967 Israeli strafing United Press International
Attack on the Liberty San Diego Union Tribune by David Walsh
Israeli Defense Forces kill UN peacekeepers and Egyptian POWs on June 8, 1967 Body of Secrets (quoting the Toronto Globe and Mail) by James Bamford
Israel,Germany at odds over Lebanon air incident Reuters
Pentagon Questions Israeli Missile Test Near Navy US Navy/Federation of American Scientists
Mass Graves; Egypt Says Israel Shot P.O.W.'s in '67 War New York Times Youssef M. Ibrahim
Evidence of Israeli Atrocities During the 1967 War with Egypt Threatens the Countries' Fragile Ties. Time Magazine Frederick Painton
Egypt asks Israel to probe alleged 1967 killings Reuters
Egyptian FM demands Israel probe alleged 1967 POW killings Haaretz
The assault on the USS Liberty Suzy Hansen
Book excoriates Israel for attacking USS Liberty USA Today
After 20 years Justice Still Awaits the Survivors of the USS Liberty New York Times Stephen M. St. John
US: Israel was negligent in 1967 ship attack CNN Elise Labott
The Cover-Up The Guardian Unlimited

Web Articles

Goodfellow Air Force Base web article

Broadcast Interviews

Assault on the Liberty With Jerry Newberry (audio interview) "The National Defense" Segment 1: The National Defense is proud to welcome Veteran and Author James M. Ennes, Jr. and speak with him about his book "Assault on the Liberty" which addresses a 40 year old attack on the USS Liberty by Israeli jets carring napalm, as well as torpedo boats that eventually sunk the Liberty, killing 34 and wounding 174 others. A MUST listen!
Reacting to the James Ennes interview With Jerry Newberry (audio recording) "The National Defense" Segment 2: Jerry and Randy react to the interview with James Ennes, and address their concerns about attempts to contact Sen. John McCain's office by the survivors of the USS Liberty.
Mulling over Israeli attack on a U.S. ship & coverup With Jerry Newberry (audio recording) "The National Defense" Segment 3: Randy and Jerry continue to mull over the 40 year old Israeli attack on a U.S. ship, and the subsequent coverup.