FAQ:  Why was the attack unlawful?

Often we are asked "What can I do to help?"


Here are some things you can do with some examples of what others have done before:

1. Write to your Congressman. The attack on our ship was a documented, proven war crime even as described by the Israeli government. The Israelis claim that they attacked without first identifying the ship or its nationality. That alone is a war crime. We know that they did in fact identify our ship as American before attacking and attacked with full knowledge that we were American. Yet even if their story were true, their own version of the circumstances would identify this attack as a war crime. Thirty-four Americans died and 174 were wounded. Yet the attack on the USS Liberty is the only serious maritime incident in American history that has never been investigated by Congress. Urge your Congressman to break this longstanding impasse. Click here for your Congressman's email and regular mail address.

2. Write to your newspaper. Click here to find the email or regular mail address

3. Buy and display a USS Liberty bumper sticker and other Liberty memorabilia.

4. Buy and wear a USS Liberty cap, jacket, shirt or sweatshirt.

5. Ask your town, city or county board, your mayor or your governor to declare June 8 "USS LIBERTY REMEMBRANCE DAY". A dozen states and as many cities and counties have done so already. Yours could be next

6. Ask to name a park, street, lake, library, building or other suitable landmark in memory of USS Liberty or one of the brave men who died on June 8, 1967. Over four dozen such memorials already exist. You need only ask.

7. Become a supporting Associate Member of the USS Liberty Veterans Association by sending a tax deductible contribution of $20 or more to Treasurer Moe Shafer, USSLVA, c/o Blazer Associates, Inc., 4994 Lower Roswell Rd., Suite 33, Marietta, GA 30068

8. Buy and read "Assault on the Liberty". Give copies to your friends. Inquire about discounts on ten or more copies.

9. Buy and read "Operation Cyanide: How the Attack on USS Liberty Nearly Caused World War III". Give copies to your friends.

10. Buy and view BBC Documentary "USS LIBERTY, DEAD IN THE WATER". Give copies to your friends.

11. Buy and view The History Channel Documentary: COVER-UP: Attack on the USS Liberty. Give copies to your friends.

12. Buy and view The Documentary: USS Liberty Survivors -- OUR STORY. Give copies to your friends.

13. Tell the USS Liberty story to friends and co-workers. Invite them to learn more online at http:/www.ussliberty.org or by Googling for USS Liberty.

14. If you have a web site, click this link, copy the HTML code you see in red, and place it in your site to link to USS Liberty.

15. Confront the Israeli apologists when you encounter them and insist that they produce proof of their allegations of "official US investigations" and similar tall tales.